Kyoto Sennyu-ji Temple / Special visiting with a monk at closed cultural properties

2024年01月25日 09:00~
2024年02月01日 09:00~
2024年02月07日 09:00~
2024年02月15日 09:00~
2024年02月25日 09:00~

You will experience burning incense while listening to a Buddhist monk’s sutra. Only participants of this tour will be asked to write their wishes on special strips of paper and deliver them to Yokihi-Kannon under the prayer of the monks.

At the main Buddhist hall, an important cultural asset, you will listen to explanations about the principal image and its history. You will also have the opportunity to see the service (a ceremony in which Buddhist monks read sutras and pray), which even Japanese people rarely have the chance to see.

Then, you will have the opportunity to visit Shariden (The hall that houses the bones of Buddha. It is cultural property not open to the public.), where you will be able to try Shabutsu (Buddhist sutra copying) and view the garden.

During the tour, you will learn what Esoteric Buddhism and what Shingon is, and other interesting topics related to Buddhism from a monk of Sennyu-ji Temple, the only imperial family temple in Japan. This tour will be led by a monk and accompanied by a licensed interpreter-guide.